December 14th, 2019                          Entry Fee $100.00



  • Winner will receive a paid entry into the 2020 U.S. Open to be held at Sun Valley Lanes, Lincoln, Nebraska on February 16-23, 2020 – Plus an additional $500.00. (Guaranteed)
  • Second place receives $500.00. (Guaranteed)
  • Remainder of prize fund payout 1:5.
  • If tie for top spot – 1 game roll off will be contested. All other ties will be split evenly.
  • The qualifier will feature 2 (two) 5 game blocks for a total of 10 games.
  • Two separate Sport classified lane conditions will be used. Left lane will have a short pattern and right lane will have a long pattern.
  • A 90-minute break will occur after the first 5 game block is completed. Lanes will NOT be re-oiled between blocks. 10 minutes of warmup immediately prior to second 5 game block.
  • Maximum field is 40 participants.
  • Entry fee is $100. Prize fund – $65.  Lineage – $35.
  • Roll call will be at 8:30 am. – Warmup at 8:50 am – Competition for score begins at 9:00 am.


  • Maximum of nine (9) balls per competitor allowed. Model name and last 4 of serial number for any ball used MUST be entered on recap sheet prior to use.  Random ball checks will be conducted at discretion of tournament management.

Reserve Your Spot

Sorry, the US Open Qualifier is SOLD OUT.

Please contact us at 800.752.2671 if you have any questions.