April 15, 2021

Bowling Combine®

Connecting College Coaches and Prospects

The Bowling Combine® 2020 (August 4 – 8) is an event where young bowlers are evaluated using today’s most objective standards, and where collegiate coaches will be on-site to analyze the potential of the student athlete.

College bowling coaches have very limited chances to see the nation’s top bowlers, get an accurate breakdown of a young bowler’s ability and to see which athletes might be a good fit in their program.

The Bowling Combine® College Prospects 2020 solves both problems by bringing student-athletes into the top training facility in the world for an objective evaluation of their skills and having college coaches on-site to watch and talk to the student-athletes.

How the Bowling Combine® works

In each specific skill measured, the athlete will be evaluated, given a score for their proficiency, and then ranked against the other athletes in attendance. After the completion of all the skill stations, the athletes will receive a ranking and total score for the entire event, called their Performance Evaluation Test or P.E.T. score. This test score will be an objective view of their overall abilities in key components necessary for success and can be compared against all other present and future Combine participants.

No longer will coaches need to guess about the legitimacy of a bowler’s average, and that same bowler will now have a more realistic understanding of the areas they need to improve.

The Bowling Combine® will take place at the International Training and Research Center located at the International Bowling Campus in Arlington, Texas. The ITRC has 14 lanes dedicated to training and state-of-the-art technology including biomechanical motion tracking, SPECTO ball motion technology, video analysis and much more.

You can view and download the 2020 Bowling Combine Flyer here.