ITRC 2021 Holiday Challenge

Be sure to visit the ITRC this holiday season for the chance to save and win! On select days in December, we’ll be offering open play for $10 per hour, with the opportunity to compete in our Holiday Challenge! The dates we’ll be hosting these deals are:

  • Wednesday, Dec. 22 (Handicap Holiday Event)
  • Thursday, Dec. 23 (Scratch Holiday Event)
  • Wednesday, Dec. 29 (Handicap Holiday Event)
  • Thursday, Dec. 30 (Scratch Holiday Event)

All bowlers at the ITRC will be able to train at the home of Team USA for $10 per hour, and for an additional $10, compete in the Holiday Challenge. The Holiday Challenge will feature three games, with the highest series each day in three separate divisions – Youth (18 and under), Adult and Senior (age 50 and older) – winning a high-performance bowling ball!

Contact the ITRC for more information on the Holiday Challenge!